ZWYNTAR (also known in merchandise abbreviation as ZTR) is the dark country band from Kyiv, Ukraine.  They are well-known for their image, costume performances and lyrics about death, mystical creatures and events. This project is the concept for the band's special merchandise (craft beer, from local makers to local customers). ​​​​​​​

We used band's notable visual elements, such as engraving-style collages and gloomy gradient overlays. Name of every beer is inspired by titles or notable characters from band's upcoming album; thus, elements from this concept might be used as inspiration for other visuals, such as posters, postcards, t-shirts etc. We also used monogram abbreviation instead of band's logo, so it can be potentially sold via local beer bars. 

There are five basic visuals and five basic sorts of the craft beer, regarding the number of band members. 
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